The Trumpet Call

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About the author


Robert is the author of a Christian guidance book called The Trumpet Call. Robert has taken his belief in Jesus Christ as motivation to help spread the Word of God and his knowledge of how individuals and communities can help bring positive change to others around them. His target audience for this book and his general discussions on other platforms has been the people of the United States.

The reason he picked this audience is that he is convinced the people of the United States can and should set a precedent of living by the Lord’s teachings, including forgoing material riches, loving others and helping them, and so on. Thus, this book is one step toward assisting Americans in strengthening their faith in the Lord. Through this book, he shared Bible verses compiled to help show readers how they can become vessels in fulfilling the Lord’s will.

Robert believes that everyone has an incredible capacity for bravery. That bravery can be expressed in a way that helps stand up against evil, and he wants to help inspire his readers to do so.


Determined to Make a Difference

This Christian guidance book is the product of Robert’s determination to make a difference. He believes that doing even the smallest things can help positively influence others, which can help others grow closer to God.

We do, however, have to make an effort to help increase our knowledge of the teachings of the Lord and implement them in our thoughts and actions. Thus, Robert has taken his step to do so by communicating words taken directly from the Bible to help communicate crucial teachings thematically so that every discussion is backed up by the Word of God.

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